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Precursor Ventures
Precursor Ventures
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Precursor Ventures

Fundraising can be hard, emotionally draining, and isolating even for a second or third-time founder. Join a growing community of founders in similar stages, for invaluable peer feedback and support, to help each other learn and succeed in building great companies. Learn more about our mission here.

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Perfect your pitch

  • Make mistakes with us,
    not with investors
  • Try out new pitches with no downside
  • Get candid feedback
  • Fresh/outside perspective from other founders
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Advice as you raise

  • Warm intros to investors
  • Members have collectively raised tens of millions
  • Feedback on decks, strategy, and investor feedback
  • Negotiating term sheets, feedback on terms, etc
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Ongoing support

  • Founders and advisors who’ve successfully raised
  • Similar stage to your company
  • Draw inspiration from what’s working for others
  • Slack group for questions as you go out for funding

How it works

At your first session, you’ll get together with up to five founders who are raising right now, plus Sandi, Russ, and Jonathan. We vet each application to ensure that each fellow attendee's company is ready to raise, that the founders are serious, and that they’re in the pre-seed to Series A range.

We start off with introductions, so everyone gets to know each other. All the information shared in pitch sessions are under frieNDA, and no recording is allowed, unless you’re recording your own pitch.

Everyone has 30 minutes to do with as they please. Some do trial runs of their demo day stage presentations, some mimic the more conversational nature of investor coffee meetings.

We all give feedback on what worked great, what could use improvement, and what we still have questions about. Founders also share what they’ve learned pitching investors, and get inspiration from each others’ techniques to improve their own.

Then, you keep in touch with the founders from your group, as well as the dozens of previous attendees, who are raising right now or have raised successfully in the past. We have a Slack group for all the questions that come up as you meet with investors, hear feedback, compare term sheets, and close.

Take your pitch to the next level


Campbell MacDonald
CEO, Proxxi

"Pitch Crew is super helpful. I got great feedback to tighten up my message as well as some great intros to investors.

In December, Jon reached out asking if I knew a certain investor. Quick intro and connection over Christmas [...] lots of funds are now looking to invest."


“I’ve known Jon, Sandi, and Russ for years. Good people working with good people. They’re not those superstars that just need to make one call and get a $3M seed round done over dinner. And that’s exactly why they’re better situated to give feedback - they’ve had to work for it.”


"It was really helpful getting to pitch to a friendly and helpful audience of peers who are going through the same process at around the same stage.

I got a totally fresh set of eyes on my deck - a lot of my practice so far [in YC] has been with folks who know part of the story already."

About us

Sandi MacPherson

Sandi is a startup advisor and founder. She's started the 50/50 Pledge, the Clearly Product podcast, as well as two VC-backed startups, Quibb and a new product still in stealth mode.


Serial founder (3 exits) who's raised from top-tier VCs like Khosla Ventures and Matrix Partners. Prev: Emissary CEO, engineer on growth teams for 15 years. Now a part-time CMO and startup advisor.


Russ has built dozens of products from small startups to leading teams serving 50 million users. In his spare time, he also prototypes bleeding-edge tech for startups and invests in early stage companies.

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Seen dozens of pitches.
Hates clapping.

Our Mission

There’s a lot of ‘make these 12 slides, present it to VCs, they write you cheques’ type of advice out there. No advice on how the process actually works: how to know who to approach, how much to raise, when is the right time, how to get a term sheet, what to expect for dilution, how to negotiate price, the list goes on.

All of that knowledge is locked up in the existing networks that dominate Silicon Valley tech. The three of us have accessed those networks, have seen how they function, and want to share that knowledge with people who don’t have that access. It's the community we always wished we had when we first started.

So we started in 2017 with a mission to help women, people of color, those outside the bay, and anyone who’s world-class at what they do, but traditionally underestimated.

We got rave reviews from MVP sessions with founders in our network, whom we’ve helped go on to pitch successful YC demo days, join accelerator programs, and raise millions in seed rounds from top-tier investors. We’ve since expanded it to all founders, and the feedback has stayed very positive, so we're now joining forces with accelerators, investors, and continuing to pay it forward.

Next Steps...

Feel free to reach out on twitter to any of us. If you're ready to join a community of founders who are supporting each other as they raise, join a pitch session now!