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Below are the most common questions we get about the pitch sessions and Pitch Crew community, but every startup is different. If you don’t find your answer below, we’re happy to answer any questions you have!

It's free? What's the catch?

There really isn't a catch, it's free. We're pretty careful in making sure incentives are aligned with you succeeding in your raise. If there's a catch, it's just that we get better as founders by helping others, and we each see helping founders as being aligned with our career goals in different ways. But this literally started in a living room with friends, because we love hanging out together and strategizing with founders about their success.

When's the next session?

We plan for sessions a month or two in advance. To see the current sessions that still have slots available—or if you'd like to get notified first when new sessions open up— then fill out the application here (~2 minutes).

I'm an early-stage investor. Can I sit in?

Thanks so much for your interest in helping early stage founders! We haven't been allowing this: We find a lot of value in keeping the sessions private to founders only. That way there's absolutely zero reputational risk for really taking chances, being completely honest, or making mistakes. That said, we're happy to introduce you to promising founders - reach out to any of us and we'll keep you in mind!

I don't have a startup, but I love helping founders. Can I sit in?

We haven't been allowing this (see the answer above about investors), but we love when people are aligned with our mission of helping founders, and especially those from under-represented backgrounds. If you help founders for a living, or even on the side with advising, consulting, intros, etc., please do reach out to any of us. If there's a fit, we may invite you to join the Slack community to meet and support the founders who are raising.

I don't have a product/demo yet, can I join?

The short answer is: yes if you're ready to raise. The sessions are geared toward connecting founders in similar stages, and our sweet spots are Pre-seed, Seed, and Series A. Companies without a product or demo ready are typically (not always) too early for a raise. We know every startup is different, so even if you think there's a chance you're too early, your best bet is to apply, and we'll get you in the first session that makes sense for your stage.

Can you come to my incubator/accelerator?

Yep! We've organized private sessions for accelerators before, and it goes great. We love meeting the founders, program directors love how easy it is to organize, and founders love the outside perspective from getting fresh eyes on their pitches. If you'd like to explore having a private session for your incubator, have your program director reach out, or just mention it in the "any questions?" section when you fill out the application here (~2 minutes).

I don't live in SF. Do you do other cities or remote sessions?

We haven't yet, but we've been contemplating how to do a fantastic job for remote founders. If you can't make it to the Bay Area, but you're raising soon, fill out the application (~2 minutes) and let us know in the "any questions?" section. We'll figure something out.

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These are the most common questions we get about the pitch sessions and Pitch Crew community, but if you still have questions, reach out!